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01What is Timekit?

Timekit helps you connect with your customers using online scheduling to create a fully customised booking system. Timekit allows you to create an availability calendar and control how customers can book open time slots.

The facility to integrate a TimeKit powered booking system within your directory listing comes standard with all 'Professional' and 'Unlimited' listing tiers.

02How you can use Timekit

A project in Timekit is a configuration of a specific booking experience. Usually, a project will correspond to an existing process already present in your business/organisation.

Examples of projects are:

  • Physical locations (salons, shops)
  • Vendors in a marketplace (mentors, therapists)
  • Structured processes (telephone consultations, interviews)
  • Collections of assets (conference rooms, halls for hire)

03How to Integrate Online Bookings on your Listing

You do not have to be a Web Developer in order to use Timekit.
Go to and create a new account. Just go ahead and create your project inside of the Timekit Admin Dashboard and copy and paste the required configurations from the dashboard into the relevant fields on your Black2Business listing page.

This is all you need to start receiving bookings from your customers.

04More support

For more information and support, please visit the TimeKit Help Centre.

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