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We write colourful picture book stories for children. Each book revolves around a hip hop, classical theme with fun messages for children and adults alike. Books make fantastic presents, why not read our reviews and see for yourself.

Derrick Alexander has enough ideas for children’s stories and character to last him well into the next Millennium. In previous years Derrick worked mainly in manual and labouring roles in Burton on Trent but towards the end of the 1997 his creative energies were ignited in the direction of children’s story-writing. The reason for his sudden writing urge he attributes solely to the birth of his now daughter. Sophie. It was Sophie who gave him the idea for his original children’s story and all his subsequent tales. Derrick said; ”I got the idea from Sophie and the pictures from my mind. The great love I have for Sophie keep me working hard.” 

Teach one another the mother tongue, learn each other’s culture and dialect. Break down the walls of the division and build strength in unity. Let the generation of today continue with the generation tomorrow. Will you join us in the wonderful world of African languages? Shop from a selection of our interactive learning material.

NB Books is an independent bookshop in North East Derbyshire. 

Welcome to our lovely bookshop offering good quality books and gifts for your everyday living, we sell selection of genres which includes Children’s Books, Cookbooks, Faith Books, Health and Wellbeing, Parenting, Culture Race & Ethnicity, History & more. We are members of the Booksellers Association.

You can buy from our new online shop here at This shows some of our stock and also help support independent businesses: we have online bookstores at both with tens of thousands of books, and a more refined selection, here on our website too. You can order or request information on books you might want through our telephone line and email. 

Book & Kulture is an online specialist book service catering to African & Caribbean literature and Artisan crafts.
The ‘Book’ side champions existing and aspiring authors and offers a local collection service for those within the surrounding area of Brent. Stocking a range of titles for both children and adults.
The ‘Kulture’ side of the business celebrates African & Caribbean Artisan craft like jewellery, art, greeting cards and gifts that are all but invisible on the High Street.

The First UK book subscription specialising in Ethnic Minorities writers. With each subscription 15% of all donating towards providing free books to individuals living with Mental Health or currently serving in HMP.

Author of ‘In The Know: Inspiring Black Figures’

This book aims to inform readers of the valuable contribution many black inventors and figures have had on our society and our world as we know it. The inspiring people in this book may not be widely known in mainstream media, however they have changed the world in more ways than one, breaking down racial barriers and giving us inventions that assist us in our daily lives. Positive black representation is inspirational to children of colour whose history is often ignored in educational learning. It aims to share the accomplishments of different black figures to enlighten and encourage. It is easy to read with children and presents lesser known black history in a digestible way with a mixture of newer and older figures highlighted. Latimer, Morgan and Boykin are amongst the 25 amazing figures written about. It also encourages children to think of what career they may have in the future.

Welcome to Our Books!

It’s early days, but here, we’re building a platform for and a home to diverse voices and inclusive literature. We specialise in books by Black and Asian writers. For any questions (or if you just want a chat), drop us an email at [email protected]

Brainchild Publications aims to assist children with the raw materials they need to be successful in life.

These raw materials are creativity, self-belief and co-operation. We feel these three elements are essential in allowing young children to “think out of the box” and grow up inspired to change the world for the better.

Our first offering, The Fall of Snow, is a picture book aimed at 4-7 yr olds and focuses on positive black imagery and imagination with an African moral at the heart of the story

“To change the world, change your perception”

Benny And His Worries

Benny and his worries

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Benny And His Worries

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    A colourful picture book tells the story of a young boy who faces anxiety about a number of challenges in his life. This book encourages children to open up about their fears. Included with post-reading questions that help to facilitate conversation with children. Whether at home or at school Benny seems to have worries that lead to difficult behaviour. He even starts to believe that he has a big problem. There is a secret as to how he overcomes his worries. But what could that secret be?

Booglez Limited book publishers help authors to turn their ideas into a book and into an audiobook. We can provide a one-off service for you to get your book to print, or we can work together on a long term basis whereby we share the royalty commission.

We’re always looking for new writing talent to join our family. Our preferred genres are non-fiction, self-help practical guides, or true stories written with the intention of helping others to overcome a challenge or battle just like what the author has faced.

We host a show called ‘The Authors Podcast’ so if you’ve written a book and would like to promote it with us, then we can have you as a guest on our show (small fee to cover editing and remarketing).

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