Huda Organics was born out of love of natural beauty and passion to share Somali beauty secret with the world. Since the age of 9, founder Huda Ahmed has been obsessed with mixing up DIY remedies for hair and skin, using ingredients that were most accessible to her. One constant ingredient was Qasil Powder. For centuries, Qasil has been a beauty secret amongst Somali women, she started this business to spread awareness of the endless benefits of Qasil Powder and the many other Somali beauty secrets. Our mission is to provide high-quality beauty products and to harness the way our ancestors used the earth’s natural resources to create high performing beauty products. We believe Mother Earth supplies us with everything we need to make effective beauty products. 

Hey family! I am Chantelle the owner and CEO of Tia Shamiso Comsetic’s; Named after my first born and only baby girl, this brand is something that is personal to me and my family. Birthed from a place of love, peace and joy. Here at Tia Shamiso, we value every single person we work with and come in contact with. We see each and every one of you as our extended family, brought together with one love for all things hair, skin and cosmetic care. Every customer we have shares a part of our story and an empire we strive to create in the future. 

Be sure to check out our website for exciting products, something that not only yourself can use, but something that the entire family can indulge in! we use natural ingredients to create a magical experience. Thank you for taking your time out to check us out!

L’s Hair and Beauty is a retail business that provides high quality hair extensions, bundles, weave, wigs, hair and beauty products at an affordable price, with guaranteed professional and informed expert assistance, if you chose us you will have a quality online shopping experience.

The D.O.R. Beauty Edit is the destination for inclusive, ethical, independent and female-led skincare and wellbeing brands.

Airosa Beauty offers high quality, reliable and innovative beauty products for all women of all ages and skin tone

Looking for black-owned cosmetics?

The Empire Beauty Company provides luxury vegan cosmetics that are highly pigmented and made from the best formulations available today.

We also stock the hottest in eyelashes, try our premium vegan mink lashes today!

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Our Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved all things beauty, she spent many hours learning how to apply make-up, style hair; and become an all-round Beauty Guru – sometimes even in secret while she was supposed to be asleep!

As she was growing up she realised that the skills she held could help transform others, and make them very happy. However there was something she wasn’t happy about……there only seemed to be one type of beauty being promoted, and that didn’t sit well with her.

She grew up and saw lots of beauty around her, all different, but all with their own she decided to take matters into her own hands.

That girl became a woman… and created The Empire Beauty Company!

With a vision of providing inclusive luxury cosmetic products, that make you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

Today is a new day.

Helping scent lovers get designer inspired feel good fragrances at affordable prices!
Cruelty Free.




Are these fragrances copies/fakes?

They are NOT copies or fakes, our FM Fragrances are made by the same manufacturer as their designer counterparts. We use a number system to identify them and in doing so make them our own brand. We also use higher perfume qualities in our FM products so they have a longer-lasting life! You only have to look to try out our samples to see for yourself!

How do I order?

You can find me on Instagram, or join my Facebook group. Ask for a scent list and you will be able to see our full FM men and women selection and when you have come to a decision with the products that you would like to order. We can commence with the transaction through Paypal or bank transfer, and it will take 8 Working days to have your products delivered to your door.

Our Products

  • PURE Fragrances


    Our PURE FM Fragrances are sourced from selected designer inspired fragrances, with higher perfume quality, letting you smell amazing for longer!

  • Royal Fragrances


    ROYAL Fragrances are our more established fragrances, that you can get for a third of the price than their designer counterparts! Same scent different bottle!

  • Reef Diffusers


    Our FM Diffusers are infused with the same fragrance oils as their designer counterparts and our FM Pure and Royal Fragrances. These diffusers will engulf your room with delicious scents for up to 70 days, simple yet stunning design, easy to manoeuvre and will fit perfectly in whatever room you choose.

Boosni Boutique products are packed with beneficial pure and undiluted plant extracts. No nasties, fillers or synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted and packaged in the UK. Here at boosni boutique we take pride that all our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and we make an effort to use very minimalistic packaging.

A cosmetic clinic run by doctors of colour providing safe and bespoke non-surgical cosmetic and skin treatments. We cater for individuals, planning for that special occasion and corporate clients. We use high quality products and contemporary techniques to deliver that look.

Our range of services includes; Anti-wrinkle toxins, Anti-ageing skincare products, Acne treatments, scar treatment, Chemical peels, Pigmentation and Blemish control, Dermal fillers, skin resurfacing, skin contouring, Platelet Rich Plasma to improve skin laxity, Hair Loss, removal of skin tags, skin bumps, warts, Skin tightening, Cellulite reduction and iv Vitamin Drips.

We have flexible appointments including evenings and weekends.

Locations: Bushey, Watford, Elstree, Colindale

Live More, Worry Less…

Our Story

With a background in personal training and kickboxing, we struggled to find a deodorant that was natural yet effective. So, we at Wavy Deo decided to take matters into our own hands. Over the years we developed what became the perfect 100% biodegradable plant and mineral-based underarm odour solution.

Wavy Deo brings you an all-natural high-performance deodorant that blows all other deodorants out of the water! We’ve formulated Wavy Original with the most delicate of ingredients without compromising unmatched odour protection. Our whole team personally uses this deodorant on a daily basis along with other natural product enthusiasts and they all attest to Wavy Deo being the best and most effective deodorant they have ever used!

Wavy is 100% guaranteed to block all underarm odour so you can leave the house in the morning

with confidence.

What Makes Us Different?

Wavy was formulated for active people by active people. 

Each ingredient has been carefully and strategically selected to provide the best holistic deodorant solution.

We are…

• Vegan

• Paraben-free

• Aluminium free

• Plastic Free (100% Biodegradable)

• Animal cruelty-free

• Artisan Handmade

Wavy works for everyone!

…Including YOU!

From professional athletes who work out intensely all day every day, to those who enjoy taking a stroll on a sunny afternoon, Wavy provides people from all walks of life with everything you need in a deodorant and more.

Wavy is also ideal for people who might have just gone through a health scare (such as cancer etc.) and are looking for a healthy and vegan alternative. Even people who might not care about natural deodorants have been impressed with Wavy Deo’s performance.

Check out our social media (@wavydeo) for more tips on how to stay healthy, fit and funk-free every single day!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab yours now! We guarantee Wavy Deo will work for you or we will give you your money back! 


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