Looking for a business partner who loves cats with creative/design background

Ask the CommunityCategory: WantedLooking for a business partner who loves cats with creative/design background
Avatarelle1001 asked 11 months ago

I am looking to partner with a person who has the same energy and creative vision as myself – who is an owner of (or has knowledge of) kittens/cats.
After the first national lockdown, I bought a gorgeous little tortoiseshell kitten who I named Stevie Nicks. Watching her grow and develop whilst experiencing a steep learning curve myself has been a rollercoaster of a ride.
Throughout all of this, I started to develop ideas which I knew would make my life easier as a cat owner and I was surprised that the ideas I had in mind had not been created by other people – especially since the idea/s I had in mind would make my life a lot easier in addition to contributing to a more environmentally friendly home.
So, I came up with the business name, bought the domain name. I am in the process of trying to find a suitable logo. I am going to register the idea with a company in London, this week. I even have someone to create the prototype – a family member – though I’m not entirely convinced that business and family mix. But this is (at the moment) a secondary consideration.
I am interested in developing a fair business partnership with someone (who has a creative/design-seamstress background) to bring this vision forward. 
I feel that my ideas are quite novel and would be something which would appeal to cat lovers both in this country and in North America and Europe – especially people with indoor cats. I see the ideas as recession proof to a certain extent because people will always own cats and many will want the best for their feline friends. The idea itself is incredibly simple (well I have a few ideas in the running but I am only focusing on one at the moment). Looking to develop the idea with a fellow Black person, I originally place the ad in Gumtree but removed it after an hour because I was receiving responses from people who seemed to want to solely exploit my potential idea for their own benefit, and also responses from people who seemed to think that I needed a mentor – which I do not.
 I am really looking for someone who will be as eager as I am to propel my ideas forward and help them manifest into something tangible. My ideas are simple and were borne out of my own sense of frustration from not being able to find simply solutions to problematic areas of cat ownership.

I really want to find the right person to partner with. As I said, I am not looking for a mentor but an equal partner. I had thought of taking my ideas to a venture capitalist but as well as taking much of the revenue from other people’s ideas, I did not want to lose complete ownership of my concept which is why I decided to submit an ad here.
I am a fair minded and equitable person and am looking to engage with someone who believes in honesty and integrity and wants to be a part of developing what is really a simple concept.

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