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The facility to integrate Facebook Messenger within your directory listing comes standard with all ‘Professional’ and ‘Unlimited’ listing tiers.

1. As an Listing Author, you can setup Facebook Chat for your Listing page.

Log into your site -> Click on Profile icon at the top-right corner -> Edit Profile -> Facebook Chat Setting ->  Providing Facebook App ID and Facebook Fanpage ID

2. How to get Facebook App ID?

  1. To create a Facebook APP, please go to -> Creating a new App. Or if you are using Login with Facebook (A feature of Wiloke Social Login), you can use this app
  2. Click on Settings -> Basic -> You will see App ID here
  3. Copy it and paste into Facebook App ID setting

3. How to get Facebook Fanpage ID

  1. Log into your Facebook Fanpage
  2. Click on About
  3. Copy it and paste to Facebook Fanpage ID Setting

4. Setup Whitelisted Domains

Still in the Facebook Fanpage area, click on Settings -> Messenger Platform.

Enter the web address for Black2Business, as this is where your listing page resides. Therefore the Whitelisted Domain should be

Need More Help?

Click on the Facebook Messenger icon (bottom right) for Live Chat support, or the button below to drop us a support email

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