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01What is OpenTable?

OpenTable is an online restaurant-reservation service company. Restauranteurs that sign up with the service can use the company's back-end software to process the reservations made on the website, resulting in a real-time reservation system for both diners and restaurants.

The facility to integrate OpenTable reservations within your directory listing comes standard with all 'Professional' and 'Unlimited' listing tiers.

02How you can use OpenTable

To add your restaurant to OpenTable, be sure to register online.
Upon verification and when your restaurant is officially listed on the service, you can allow customers to view reservation time slots and to make and cancel reservations based on availability.

  • Be more bookable. OpenTable's app, website and widgets deliver 25M diners to restaurants every month.
  • Have more reach. OpenTable sends out frequent emails to their network of engaged diners throughout the year.
  • Get more online exposure. Targeted ads on Google, Facebook and display networks bring you more covers.
  • Be seen more frequently. With 600+ integrations, you’ll be in front of more people more often.

03How to Integrate OpenTable Reservations on your Listing

Once your Restaurant is listed on OpenTable, visit, search for your restaurant and note your Restaurant ID (the number in brackets).

There are two ways to configure your Listing for OpenTable reservations

  • The easiest way is by Restaurant Name. Upon first creating your listing, you will be presented with a drop-down menu from which you can search the OpenTable database for your restaurant by name. If you find it, select it and a Reservation widget will be configured automatically on your listing page.
  • If you are unable to retrieve details of your restaurant by name alone, progress with completing your listing. Once saved, go to the Admin area and navigate to Listings -> Your listing -> Looking for Open Table Settings box. Here you will see two settings: Restaurant Name (optional) and Restaurant ID (required). Entering the restaurant ID alone will be sufficient.

04More support

For more information and support, please visit the OpenTable Support & Customer Resources.

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