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Bold and colourful clothing and accessories sustainably made! For commission requests, general enquires and FAQs please contact us!

Hi, I’m Akili! I’m a Designer, Illustrator and all-round Creative currently based in the UK.

I’m passionate about social justice, sustainability and making a positive difference to the world.

I created this brand to share my love for all things bold and colourful – without harming the earth!


We’re This Is Mi, a small family run business based in London.

We love to create artwork with minimal and bold bright colour palettes! More importantly, illustrations that feature people who are sadly underrepresented…. with our art we hope to empower and uplift.

Just like many families it is sometimes a real struggle to find representation in the mainstream. This is why This Is Mi was created. We want to see contemporary cards + prints that reflect our kids, family and friends, going about their everyday lives.

‘This Is Me’ became ‘This Is Mi’, a little nod to our Caribbean heritage!

Our cards and prints are for all to enjoy, so we hope you see something you like.


Cards that represent you, your family and friends

We are a design studio crafting brand identities for modern-day brands & forward-thinking founders within the lifestyle, beauty & wellness space. We offer services ranging from graphic design, brand strategy, brand identity, web design, packaging design, editorial design social media assets and more.

I want to diversify the greeting card and paper goods industry by showcasing black and mixed race people in all of their glory.

I am Candice Chenade, the founder and illustrator behind By Candice Chenade.

I started my brand because I struggled to find cards and art prints that really represented me and the people around me. I felt that styles on the market were either dated, overly woke or not a true representation of our community today. I want to diversify the greeting card and paper goods industry by showcasing black and mixed race people in all of their glory. We celebrate Black Excellence often, but we still deserve to be celebrated for the regular things that we do. My mission is to uplift people and make sure people who look like me are represented. Because representation matters.

I Launched my first collection in May 2021 just in time for father’s day, after I was inspired by my amazing dad and watching the beautiful relationship blossom between my daughter and her dad. The collection was well received and requests for new designs were coming in fast. So I started creating and putting my designs out there, expanded my product range and By Candice Chenade was born. My illustrations are made black and mixed race people in mind.

From the tender age of 7, Nicole discovered her passion for art and has always created unique pieces in her spare time. She enjoys experimenting with a range of mediums to create various effects, evoke different emotions and tell different stories through her artwork.

For Nicole, art is both her escape and her solace. It enables her to channel her energy and time into something positive and fulfilling. Over the last few years, Nicole has been so caught up in the highs and lows of life that she neglected her craft. However, being in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic provided her with the perfect opportunity to change that. 

Visit Nicole’s website to purchase original art, high quality prints an to enquire about commissions.

We specialise in unique inspirational gift items such as mugs, keyrings, bookmarks and fridge magnets.

Crafting and Creativity has always been a passion of mine. I started off with Posters and T-Shirts over 5 years ago. As time has gone by I have devoted myself to finding other avenues in which I can expand my creativity and encourage others. Being an entrepreneur is such a blessing. I am able to bring creative inspiration to others and to my home. Thank you for joining me and supporting me on this adventure and please stay tuned as I will be bringing many styles of creativity to my shop! Big things are on the horizon and I know with all the love and support I have received that I will rise up and hold my dreams in my hands!

Welcome to the gallery. A fine art gallery based on illustrated  prayers, scriptures and fine art pieces to promote wellbeing and rest You will find a collection of work available as prints, canvases and gift ideas from my sister store on Redbubble. Please feel free to check out my story lines explaining the ideas behind the art. New collections are always being added so please subscribe for all the latest information. 
The prayer blog is another extension of the art ministry and is designed to uplift you in your personal devotions and quiet time. 

Welcome to Melanin World Plus!

On the fourteenth day of May twenty-fifteen, Heru (The Sun) arose in the zodiac sign of Taurus.  In the unseen realm, the celestial transit of Heru initiated the formation of a sacred production studio.  Encoded in the studio DNA was a purpose, to advance the legacy of the ancestors, who developed the Arts with intent to liberate the Soul.

“Talent is the energy force giving life to the studio creations.  From the Ether, this power is made manifest through the finest filmmakers, photographers and designers, each possessing a divine spark of creation.”

Levelling the playing-field, Transcended Visuals produces timeless video, photography, post-production and design, for clients seeking positive mental, emotional and spiritual impact. Unrivalled production value reaffirms the studio status as highly acclaimed.

Upholding The Equality Act of twenty-ten, Transcended Visuals ensures that every creative, regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, has equal opportunity and access to work.  Furthermore, is protected from discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace.

Services include, but are not limited to:

My goal is for my clients, family and friends to be overwhelmed and amazed with the quality of the candles they receive, whether it be in a tin, glass container or on a cupcake.

With their unique designs and stronger scents, they make the perfect choice for one and all.

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