Our answers to the most 'Frequently Asked Questions' about our platform.

Black2Business is an online one-stop business directory for all product and service providers from the African/Caribbean diaspora within the UK.

The ‘Black Pound’ is important, and the remit of this platform is to facilitate economic empowerment without our community through the support and growth of black-owned businesses, sole traders and freelancers.

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Black2Business offers a 100% free basic Listing tier, and offers more premium features at a very reasonable rate.

The only obligation the platform has upon its members is to embrace a shared responsibility to keep the directory relevant and reliable. Therefore Black2Business strongly encourages the reporting of expired listings and businesses are that no longer in operation.

What makes Black2Business different to the various directories that have preceded it is the level of customisation it offers. It’s not enough for a business to be one of many phone numbers on a long list, but rather to offer a way in which potential customers can connect and engage effortlessly.
Business owners can customise the User Interface of their dedicated listing page (using tabbed and accordion menus) image galleries, embed promotional videos, publish promotional codes for potential customers and list events related to their business while managing the incoming bookings.

Our platform additionally offers the ability to tap into mainstream services such as Google Places, Mapbox, and booking.com.
Black2Business connects to these other leading platforms to enable its users to (for example) conveniently locate businesses by area or landmark, to message product/service providers from their smartphones, to reproduce their menus online, to accept online reservations and the booking of appointments, and many other convenient features etc.. all directly within the listing page itself.

Black2Business was founded by Jonathan Wildman and is promoted in collaboration with the 100 Black Men of London, a registered charity that offers mentoring that directly benefits the Black community.

Our creator Jonathan works on this platform for free and during his own personal time. If you would like to say thanks, there is an option to donate via buymeacoffee.com 

While Black2Business supports the 'Black Pound Day' initiative, we are not in direct affiliation with its organisers.
Our ambition has always been for EVERY DAY to be a ‘Black Pound Day’. We believe in the economic empowerment of our community and that begins with making buying-black-first a habit. A huge variety of fantastic black owned businesses are ready for your Black Pound every day of the week at black2business.uk.

Please see our Video Walkthroughs for instructions on how to hide your listing page from public view. However if you would like the complete removal of your account or any information related to your business then please make a request via email to document.write('\u0064\u0061\u0074\u0061\u0040\u0062\u006c\u0061\u0063\u006b\u0032\u0062\u0075\u0073\u0069\u006e\u0065\u0073\u0073\u002e\u0075\u006b')

Black2Business is a community based initiative to promote group economic empowerment within the African/Caribbean diaspora in the UK.

As such, there is strict criteria in terms of what businesses and services are listed on our directory, and these should be either be Black Owned, have a Black Partner or have a Black Director or CEO.

See Terms of service

In short, no.

As long as you are over the age of 16 and your business/ service is Black-Owned’ (as defined by our terms of service) and serves the UK, then you are free to list your venture on Black2Business.

However, if your business is operated by a Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company or is a registered Charity, you are required to state your Companies House registration number or Registered Charity number in the appropriate field when making your listing.

Our main categories are kept deliberately broad to ease search for our users.  If you can find a main category that loosely fits your business when listing, please use this. You will then have an opportunity to specify ‘Tags’ or keywords that more specifically describe your venture, eg a Web Designer may list under the ‘Art & Design’ category but specify a Tag of ‘Internet Web Designer / Developer .

The list of Tags are quite comprehensive and should have you covered. However in the rare event that there is no main Category or Tag suitable, please contact us and let us know. We will rectify the matter as soon as possible.

Provided that your listing contains a comprehensive description of your business or service, contains accurate categorisation (including good use of keyword tags) , and contains full location details (using the Map), then for all intents and purposes your listing will be in a good position to be indexed by the leading search engines.

Our Standard and Professional Listing tiers allow for Schema Markup which is applied automatically based on your listing content and makes your page more optimised for search engines.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup, found at is a form of microdata. Once added to a webpage, schema markup creates an enhanced description (commonly known as a rich snippet), which appears in search results, supported by leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. How a search engine interprets the context of a query will determine the quality of a search result. Schema can provide context to an otherwise ambiguous webpage and tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says.

Black2Business automatically creates Schema markup from your listings and associated events.

More about Schema Markup

If you find that a listing has incorrect details for a business / service provider (for example an incorrect phone number or web address), or that the business is no longer in operation, please report this to Black2Business. Our platform will only remain relevant if our listings prove reliable.

Follow the steps in the video below.

As users often search our directory based on location, we urge you to create multiple listings for each of your business branches, taking care to specify the correct location details for each one.

As a business directory, we want this platform to remain as accurate and reliable as possible, therefore we realise there are times when your business may temporarily not be trading. In these occasions we ask you not to delete time listing, but to log into your Account Dashboard and use the 'Hide' function.This remove the listing from our search results, however it will not delete any of your content, so you can use the dashboard to restore your listing at an instant.

Follow the steps in the video below.

This is a community based platform, so it is entirely likely that members will list businesses and services they have had experiences with. If somebody has listed your business on your behalf you are able to control the listing and make changes as you see fit by making a claim.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Certain fields are tied to features that are exclusive to certain listing plans. If your listing plan does not include a feature it will appeared as greyed out. You may upgrade your listing plan at any time via your Account Dashboard.

Our listing plans refer to the 'option of adding business events'.
You are permitted to create a number of events tied to your business/service. These will appear on your Listing Page itself and included in the platform's search results.

Events can be used to publicise things such as ‘tasting sessions’, ‘flash sales’ or ‘product launches'.

Similar to listing plans, event plans are set at different pricing tiers offering different features.

Firstly, look for the 'Add Listing' button at the top right hand corner of each page as pictured below.
Add Listing

If you cannot see this button then chances are that you have not yet verified your account. You would have been sent an email after first registering on this site, if you cannot find it please check your junk mail folder. Open the email and click on the verification link to confirm and activate your account.

If you cannot find this email then click on the button below to generate a new verification link.

Send Account Verification Email

We appreciate that not everyone is tech savvy and require a little extra help using a platform such as this. Therefore we are willing to list any business/service on your behalf if you can give us the basic information needed to create a listing.

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We also encourage our users to spread the word. A business directory is only as good as its listings and user base. Consider ‘buying black first’, and use our directory as your first port of call if looking for a product or service provider.

  1. Tell your friends, family and associates about us and encourage them to list, using the ‘Recommend us’ form at the bottom of the site pages. Simply enter their email address and in one click we will send them a message pre-formatted with information and promotional incentives to invite them to join our growing platform.
  2. You can go one step further and even list on their behalf, as we make it easy for a business owner to claim a listing (upon verification) that will result in them being offered their own user profile and facility to customise the listing to their preference.
  3. We will even send you a free stack of promotional flyers for you to pass onto black-owned businesses within your local area!

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Black2Business offers a variety of ways for you to increase the visibility of your listing.

Create a ‘Professional Tier’ listing
Your listing will be categorised as a 'Recommended Listing' which will receive priority placement when appearing in search results.


’Boost’ your Listing.
For a small fee you are able to ensure that your listing displays on the top of all search results, receives a mention at the bottom of every other individual listing page or features prominently on the sidebar of all main pages.

Promote Your Listing

Follow the steps in the video below.

All business owners and service providers belonging to the African and Caribbean diaspora within the UK are welcome to create a listing on our platform. However If you are interested in more premium promotional opportunities on our website we can offer the following advertising spots.

  • Banner on homepage
  • Email sent to all of our members and subscribers advertising your business
  • Stay added as a ‘featured business’ on the webpage sidebar for a year

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these premium features and require a quotation.

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Black2Business is open to receive any cross-promotional and sponsorship opportunities from organisations who share in common the interest of empowering the Black-British community. Please get in touch and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The 100 Black Men of London is a community-based charity led by committed Black Men and also supported by Black Women, delivering Programmes focused on

  • Mentoring
  • Education
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Health & Wellness

The organisation has been serving our community since 2001, and have positively impacted thousands of lives through their good work.

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Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Follow the steps in the video below.

Under the 'Contact Information' section of your listing you are able to provide links to any social media accounts your business may have. 'WhatsApp' appears as one of the options however a couple of steps are required in order to generate a working link.

1) Create a link via the 'WhatsApp Link Generator' website and follow the instructions to generate a link. Be care to ensure that you enter your phone number in International Format. Copy the link that is generated.

WhatsApp Link Generator

2) Follow the steps in the video below, pasting the link you have generated from Step 1.

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