About Us

A Business Directory for us, and by us.

Black2Business UK is an online one-stop business directory for all product and service providers from the African/Caribbean diaspora within the UK.

The ‘Black Pound’ is important, and the remit of this platform is to facilitate economic empowerment within our community through the support and growth of black-owned businesses, sole traders and freelancers.

Black2Business offers a user friendly, mobile-optimised interface to retrieve details of black-owned businesses and service providers using categories, keywords or entering a postcode, nearby location or landmark.

Why List with us?

What makes Black2Business different to the various directories that have preceded it is the level of customisation it offers. It’s not enough for a business to be one of many phone numbers on a long list, but rather to offer a way in which potential customers can connect and engage effortlessly.

Our platform additionally offers the ability to tap into mainstream services such as Google Places, Mapbox, and booking.com.
Black2Business connects to these other leading platforms to enable its users to (for example) conveniently locate businesses by area or landmark, to message product/service providers from their smartphones, to reproduce their menus online, to accept online reservations and the booking of appointments, and many other convenient features etc.. all directly within the listing page itself.

Business owners can also customise the User Interface of their dedicated listing page (using tabbed and accordion menus) image galleries, embed promotional videos, publish promotional codes for potential customers and list events related to their business while managing the incoming bookings.

Support, with a human touch

For those that aren’t so tech savvy, Black2Business still has you covered!
We offer a range of drag and drop page customisations to expedite your listing. We have a collection of instructional support videos and a comprehensive bank of frequently asked questions answered that will guide you through how to make the most of all of the listing features that our platform has to offer.

We also offer customer service with a human touch. We promise a 48hr turnaround for a member of our team to respond to your query and who can even (after you asking a few simple questions) list your business on the platform on your behalf.

Minimal Cost & Community engagement

Black2Business offers a 100% free basic Listing tier, and offers more premium features at a very reasonable rate.

A business directory is only as good as its listings and user base. Consider ‘buying black first’, and use our directory as your first port of call if looking for a product or service provider.

Tell your friends, family and associates about us and encourage them to list, using the ‘Recommend us' form at the bottom of all of our pages, and upon entering their email address we will send them a message pre-formatted with information and promotional incentives to invite them to join.
You can go one step further and even list on their behalf, as we make it easy for a business owner to claim a listing (upon verification) that will result in them being offered their own user profile and facility to customise the listing to their preference.
We can even send you a free stack of promotional flyers for you to pass onto black-owned businesses within your local area!

You have nothing to lose from taking a few moments to list your business / venture so please join our platform today

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