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Hi, I’m Akili! I’m a Designer, Illustrator and all-round Creative currently based in the UK.

I’m passionate about social justice, sustainability and making a positive difference to the world.

I created this brand to share my love for all things bold and colourful – without harming the earth!

Real Tasty Lashes was created & developed by a Black Londoner who became great at finding & designing beautiful re-usable beauty accessory products that suit people and was tired of receiving unpredictably unsatisfactory items from other companies (especially lashes that turned out to not be as described online) so she thought, ‘Why not provide better quality myself?’ Thus, she designed the brand & named the product styles after the tasty edible treats they resemble.

RealTastyLashes sell high quality:

♥ Black strip eyelashes

♥ Custom & different coloured strip eyelashes

♥ Mirrored lash cases

♥ Carnival face jewels

♥ Festival body glitter

♥ Handmade earrings

♥ Unique gift sets & personalisation

Products come in beautiful reusable storage/packaging.

The Culture Club is a collection of quality lifestyle products inspired by African and Caribbean culture, including fashion, accessories, home decor, gifts, foods, health and beauty products.

The Culture Club Shop is all about celebrating culture through contemporary lifestyle products.

The founders Atlyn Forde and her two daughters have a passion for Caribbean culture, developed through multiple trips to the islands from an early age. They enjoy proudly showcasing their Saint Lucian, Jamaican, Grenadian and Bajan heritage and wanted to give others the opportunity to show their pride in the cultures they love.

Celebrating culture can take many forms, from wearing modern flag fashions, cooking your favourite dishes to adorning your home with beautiful art pieces. The Culture Club Shop is a platform to share interesting insights about different cultures, alongside making it easier for people to access quality products that truly mean something and create an everlasting connection with the cultures we love.

Join our community and share in the celebration of our cultures.

Zizi Nays was created to provide a beautiful variety of gift sets and individual items for babies and toddlers, suitable for any occasion. Blankets, t-shirts, baby vests and keepsakes are hand made using vibrant African and European fabrics that not only excites little eyes but nurtures curious minds.

As a brand my vision was to showcase individuality, ethnicity, vibrancy and fun. Our range of cute fashion accessories combines practicality with cute well made fashion. With new fabrics and designs being added I hope you will always be pleasantly surprised.

All items are sourced from within the UK. I currently design, pattern cut and sew items myself. I do this not only for me but most importantly for my two inspirations, my heartbeats and what I live for, my children …. Zizi and Nays.

Welcome to the Journee of J’rissa, an accessory line specialising in handmade polymer jewellery, guaranteed to turn a plain outfit into a statement outfit.

Earrings, necklaces and more – sticking to all things bright, bold and beautiful. All handmade from polymer clay with hypoallergenic findings.

If you are looking for timeless dresses for any occasion, at a realistic price then look no further!
All these dresses are made consciously with love, locally in the UK and are limited.
Check out

Discover delicate bohemian jewellery including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Colourful gemstones set in gold with meaningful amulets will make you sparkle with confidence.

Our jewellery is designed to inspire and embrace individuality. Choose your perfect necklace chain length to make layering effortless.

We have founded Kitoko London with one goal in mind – to provide a quality, affordable, smart, and reliable online store.

Our beautiful statement jewellery is handmade in Africa. We want to promote African craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Our passion for fashion and creativity drives us every day and continues to drive us into the future

Title Adaptive Underwear

Patented Front Fastening underwear for women

It negates the need to bend or stretch.

There are over 11 million people  with a disability in the UK. The highest reported impairments are those that affect mobility, lifting or carrying.[1] The company prides itself as the first EVER supplier of front fastening underwear in the world. Clip-Knix is clip-on underwear  that will increase independence and preserve dignity for millions of people who experience limited mobility and the elderly and disabled people .This long-awaited solution is unique, indispensable and revolutionary. It can be useful to pregnant women, campers, travellers who find themselves in closed and confined spaces for example air plane toilets, people recovering from surgery just to mention a few.

As it is the first in the market , 18%  of the population England and Wales has disability in 2011 ONS . The same Office of National statistics says there is nearly 1 in 5 people in England and Wales reported that some form of disability affects their daily activities. (ONS 13/05/2015) . It would have increased now due to good medical care and people are living longer. On 31/01/2020, it was reported by the ONS that a total of 11 million female where over 60 that lived in England and Wales.

Let us for argument sake , that the same applied all over Europe especially the top 5 countries, there is potential for the product . The entire world if included could change the lives of many. One out of five of the world’s population has a disability.

Clip-Knix makes  attractive, patented , award winning front-fastening underwear that can be put on easily without the need to bend or balance on one leg. Clip-Knix underwear reduces the risk of injury and allows wearers to be independent. Manufactured with soft, aesthetically pleasing stretch fabric for a perfect fit and ultimate comfort, simply place Clip-Knix in position and clip! Or button.

Product description 

Our cleverly designed underwear solution enables the wearer to clip underwear on and off at one, two or three front-fastening locations with the choice of buttons or hooks to suit a wide range of needs.

Clip-Knix knickers are practical, stylish clip-on knickers that are designed to make living easier. This practical and stylish high-quality underwear range is not only durable but offers a truly ergonomic solution for those who don’t have the physical ability to bend or stretch to put on their underwear – just clip in place.

Intelligent and Empathic Design

In collaboration with Innovate Product Design based in Salisbury, Clip-Knix focused on designing and manufacturing a practical yet fashionable underwear solution for women that negated the need to bend or stretch when dressing.

The result is underwear that can be fastened in the front without the need for bending or turning sideways. Careful and robust research has informed the development of a highly effective and attractive range of underwear that will ultimately work for everyone.

About the Company

Funmi Lawal was born in England and had a stroke soon after childbirth at the age of 35. She experienced first-hand how reduced mobility can rob an individual of independence and dignity. Then ‘I couldn’t walk, bending down was painful and putting on underwear felt like a battle’. As a result of the stroke, I developed kidney failure which led to dialysis and eventual transplant in 2011. I saw a chance to help people with limited mobility and have spent years designing and testing clip-on knickers that will ultimately transform the lives of millions.

Clip-Knix works with a manufacturer in Turkey that has experience of producing very good quality lingerie. The designs and the trademark are registered in the UK.. Company Registration: 11573533. It has been patented and worn corporate wire award for London and the South East, Speciality clothing 2020/2021


Graphic printed t-shirts for men and women along with vibrant holographic keyrings.

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