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The Culture Club is a collection of quality lifestyle products inspired by African and Caribbean culture, including fashion, accessories, home decor, gifts, foods, health and beauty products.

The Culture Club Shop is all about celebrating culture through contemporary lifestyle products.

The founders Atlyn Forde and her two daughters have a passion for Caribbean culture, developed through multiple trips to the islands from an early age. They enjoy proudly showcasing their Saint Lucian, Jamaican, Grenadian and Bajan heritage and wanted to give others the opportunity to show their pride in the cultures they love.

Celebrating culture can take many forms, from wearing modern flag fashions, cooking your favourite dishes to adorning your home with beautiful art pieces. The Culture Club Shop is a platform to share interesting insights about different cultures, alongside making it easier for people to access quality products that truly mean something and create an everlasting connection with the cultures we love.

Join our community and share in the celebration of our cultures.

The Liquor Club specialises in alcohol beverages with a focus on spirits. Earn discounts, rewards, exclusives, invitations and more today by clicking the rewards tab below. Become a member and join the club today!

Authentic West Indian & Caribbean food to take out or eat in at our friendly shop based in North Watford.

Taste the flavours from our carefully selected meals, freshly prepared to satisfy your taste buds, from fiery jerk dishes to vegetarian curries, all the main dishes are on offer with fresh salads, tasty patties and sides,
We also offer a range of soups, Jamaican cakes and snacks to a variety of authentic punch and drinks to wash it all down!
The taste of cultural cuisine is right here in Watford, Hertfordshire..and it’s waiting for you!!

Tita World Cuisine provides both traditional Caribbean favourites and inspired Caribbean fusion dishes. We’re award-winning caterers, we’ve delighted our customers with innovative, delicious food, using only the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re too busy to cook, want to throw a dinner party or the event of the century, we’ll make food that looks and tastes amazing. We are here to cater to your every need, making your life easier and more delicious all at once.

Tita World Cuisine was born in 2014 with the goal of introducing a fresh, modern, and innovative spin on Caribbean cuisine.

Food has always been at the heart of our family, whether it be the much-loved Sunday dinner, entertaining friends, or at family gatherings. After taking a leap of faith we hosted our first pop-up restaurant in November 2013. The feedback from this event led us to turn our passion into a business that would allow us to share our love of good quality food.

Our menus are a medley of global dishes infused with flavours influenced by our Jamaican heritage. We pride ourselves on serving fresh, quality ingredients and professional friendly service.

Talk to us about your next event.

Black family owned butchers open since 2012.

Serving fresh, quality meat as well as ready seasoned meat to the local community and beyond. Grocery products, frozen fish and a large variety of seasonings also available. 

Wholesale prices available to caterers and other businesses in addition to our free delivery service which is available to all customers spending over £50 and living within a 2 mile radius.  

As a result of creating beautiful, moist, light cakes Barbara’s clients know that their events will be talked about for months and years to come. She creates memories because she loves what she does, and she pours love into every bake. She is always looking for corporate clients who want to say ‘thank you’ to their clients & staff or ‘welcome’ to new business partners. Who do you know? As well as her Jamaican rum cake and other flavours these beautiful cakes put a smile on your face and makes you want one.
Her inspiration is many hours spent happily baking with her mother using recipes handed down through generations of her family.
As a professional baker she developed her Jamaican rum cake recipe then realised people loved it so much they wanted to bake it themselves! So, she put it in a box and her Jamaican Rum Cake Kit was born. To see Barbara’s work, go to 

Bad Ass Cakes make cakes to make you go ‘wow!’ They are full of flavour and beautifully created. As a result of creating beautiful, moist, light cakes clients know that their events will be the talk of the town for months to come. Because she clearly loves what she does Barbara creates memories for families, couples, children, and businesses.

Her dedication to her love for cakes and desserts has led her down an exciting new path – teaching online, giving back some of her knowledge, having fun with small groups and offering tips, advice and inspiration to all ages.

SACO Superfoods is run by husband and wife, Franck and Lucia. They ethically source natural and highly nutritious ingredients from West Africa while empowering small-scale men and women producers in the Ivory Coast.

Their range include ginger flakes, hibiscus flower, baobab powder, organic dried mango, moringa powder and cocoa husk tea.

 Through their health food shop in Salford they promote a healthy, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle in their community, they support other local businesses by stocking their products to support the local economy, and they create a welcoming space where customers can learn about the health benefits of African products, do a bit of shopping and relax with a friend over a drink and a healthy snack in their sitting area.

Peanut butter is part of everyday food preparation in our family and having been stuck in the UK with little to no chance of traveling back home due to the covid-19 pandemic, there was no chance to stock up on our much loved tasty, all-natural peanut butter from back home in  Zimbabwe. After trying many different brands from the supermarkets, we were unable to find any product that tasted nearly as good or didn’t have any emulsifying oils and preservatives. So we decided to start making our own peanut and thus Monate Foods was born!

Monate is the Sesotho word for delicious and we thought it was befitting as it perfectly describes our product, which is simply delicious!

We Sell Organic & Unrefined Herbal products mainly from Jamaica on our website. We have products for your Health, Hair and Skin.

Manufacturing Natural Drinks

Sea Moss Gels and Sea Moss

Organic Herbs from Jamaica


Various Health Salts


IllReh Products are a family business specialising in bespoke products for you. We provide FREE food baskets (Nurturing Staples Baskets) for people aged 65 years and older. We also create luxury food basket/hampers (Treasured Bounty Baskets), unique artwork and custom designs (illrehcreations) available to purchase.

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