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7 reasons to choose Afrotherapy Salon…

• We will listen to you

• We will give you expert knowledge and advice

• We will value you

• We will respect your time

• We will inspire you with style ideas

• We will give you value for money

• If we don’t get it right, we will put it right

If you want your afro hair to look its best then you’re in good company at Afrotherapy in North London.

Hey family! I am Chantelle the owner and CEO of Tia Shamiso Comsetic’s; Named after my first born and only baby girl, this brand is something that is personal to me and my family. Birthed from a place of love, peace and joy. Here at Tia Shamiso, we value every single person we work with and come in contact with. We see each and every one of you as our extended family, brought together with one love for all things hair, skin and cosmetic care. Every customer we have shares a part of our story and an empire we strive to create in the future. 

Be sure to check out our website for exciting products, something that not only yourself can use, but something that the entire family can indulge in! we use natural ingredients to create a magical experience. Thank you for taking your time out to check us out!

L’s Hair and Beauty is a retail business that provides high quality hair extensions, bundles, weave, wigs, hair and beauty products at an affordable price, with guaranteed professional and informed expert assistance, if you chose us you will have a quality online shopping experience.

Established out of necessity in 2020. Emzee Care formulates natural hair care and skin care products, helping others embrace their natural essence.


H.U.G.E Online is a black owned business selling top quality hair, skin and beard care products made by black manufacturers.

H.U.G.E Online sell a range of organic and natural products that are free from harmful chemicals.

HoneyComb salon specialises in natural hair (all types) maintenance and styling! From Locs to Loose natural hair HoneyComb has you! For more info follow HoneyComb.Oyin on Instagram or call 07377508721.

Ori Hair is an independent UK based, black female owned business dedicated to bringing colourful hair dreams to a reality near you.

We offer affordable coloured braiding hair, perfect for protective styles.

LuckyYOU was born out my desire to use natural products on my children. My youngest child suffered from a series of skin complaints on his body and scalp. Through trial and error I created the right formula which cleared and restored his skin to good health. Family and friends saw the results and asked me what I was using. After sharing my product with them I was blown away by their positive feedback and encouragement to brand and sell my product.

​We focus on creating products that will help you achieve healthy skin and hair, through the use of natural based products. we currently offer a 100% natural whipped hair and body butter and intend on offering so much more as we continue to grow.

AppFrolution is a mobile hair diary application for everybody who loves their hair. Having a hair diary is the perfect solution to help you with monitoring your mane!
Haircare, product, accessories, hair length and much more! You have everything in one place, easily accessible and up-datable, any time and anywhere!

Almocado is a family owned business; creating artisan hair products designed with curls, kinks and coils in mind; formulated to nurture, nourish, pamper and protect; all lovingly handmade from our purpose-built kitchen in South East London.

We understand that
 healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp
 moisturised hair is less susceptible to breakage
 and with love & attention any head of hair can flourish!

So, we equip you with a proven range of hand-made gentle cleansers, deep conditioners, daily moisturisers and protective balms to help you love your way to longer, stronger, happier hair.

In addition to creating a suite of products to maintain healthy hair, we also run a private Trichology clinic to help address and manage common hair and scalp disorders such as scalp psoriasis, eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dandruff and much more.

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