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TJN likes to stay ahead of times and does that by offering creative solutions that are progressive and capable of boosting your company. We work by understanding what your audience wants & needs, as they are at the heart of your brand, and use these key insights to create websites and marketing strategies that bring the results you aspire to achieve.

Our standard brings together the design you dream of with the results you aspire to achieve – we work alongside our clients to turn their vision into a reality and do so with websites that are responsive, original, creative, and offer a great digital experience to every customer.

AS Global Marketing is a London-based Luxury Digital Marketing + Branding specialist agency. At ASGM we are dedicated to helping businesses maximise their potential by building positive brand perception through luxury Marketing + Branding resulting in customer loyalty, strong brand identity + business visibility.

We work in partnership with entrepreneurs to develop your branding, design beautiful websites, increase strong brand communication, manage your social media, content creation, ad campaigns, branded merchandise, POS collateral + so much more.

Let us work with you + your team to meet your brand’s objectives offering honest and transparent communication to take your brand to the next level.

We are a product research company that aim to take the hassle out of finding the right products to sell, whether that be to make a little bit of money on the side, or to start your own online business! We aim to be live very soon, keep a look out! Thanks, The MarketScout Team!

Maze connects people relocating with service providers, reducing moving costs and enabling the personalization of customer journeys.

If you looking to relocate internationally, instead of the expensive, tedious and slow process of vetting services across the country, you simply register with Maze and it does all the settlement interactions for you so you don’t have to.

The Health Palette Magazine is the UK’s first black health magazine, born out of the desire to see black people celebrated in a world where black people are often underrepresented in mainstream media and overrepresented in poor health statistics. Our mission is simple. Our mission is to provide a magazine publication with educational, informative and inspiring articles about black health, beauty and lifestyle. 

We are a twice-yearly magazine with articles, interviews and features by black people. We not only aim to provide informative articles, but also shine a light on the black women and men working in the health and beauty industry. Through this, we aim to inspire younger generations to see that they too can work in these industries. 

Join us as we celebrate all things black health, beauty and lifestyle!

We represent the under-represented, We celebrate the unsung heroes, we tell REAL stories from REAL people in the UK and around the world and represent the UK’s most diverse communities.

We cover News, Politics, Opinions, Lifestyle & More.

We tackle the serious social issues and we celebrate the great achievements of Black and Multi-Ethnic Britain.

WordPress Development Services for Businesses, NGOs and Design Agencies to improve their digital presence and reduce their time on development.

Minority Perspective is a crusading news service, dedicated to exposing the corruption of, racism, economic exploitation, and war.

This is a unique news service that caters for politically conscious activists, as well as grassroots community groups and organisations that believe in the old ethos of The black civil rights movement; which is that racism, international exploitation and war are all part of the same imperialist design, which needs to be opposed and defeated.

The world is becoming increasingly troublesome, with wars, famine, rising crime, rising racism etc., and unfortunately the corporate-owned media are economically compromised when it comes to exposing the truth behind many social and international issues that effects all of us.

Minority Perspective began in March 2010 with the idea that social media and new technology can be used to empower individuals and communities locally, nationally and on a global level.

The lack of independent voices in the mainstream media, that are critical of western foreign policy, has meant that the crucial issues of racism, economic exploitation, and war, remains hidden. New technology and social media now means that recording events and writing a short post about an issue that has happened to you is now within your hands via your smart phone.

This is where Minority Perspective becomes that platform for your voice!

Black British anti-racism activist Clive Henry sent us his story: 

Clive Henry Petition: Equality Does Not Exist

Former West Yorkshire Police Officer, David Blair exposed police corruption on Minority Perspective:


New website exposes police corruption and racism

We are not afraid to tackle difficult topics:


The hidden factors of the transracial adoption debate

We do not compromise on the historical goals of the civil rights movement:


The Betrayal Of Black History Month

We are one of the few black independent news services which still believe in Martin Luther King’s triple evils; racism, economic exploitation, and war.

Please note that Minority Perspective is not responsible for the content of external websites. Also note that views expressed by members of the public, or articles written by members of the public, organisations or groups are not the views of Minority Perspective.

For stories email:


[email protected]

Viaduct Generation is an independent SEO agency supporting the online growth of Black, POC and Allied businesses. We’re passionate about sharing the transformational power of SEO with ambitious and conscious organisations. Through our digital services (Technical SEO, SEO Consulting, Searchmetrics Access, Market Analysis, and PPC), we’re committed to using our expertise to increase online visibility of our network.Viaduct Generation is an independent SEO agency supporting the online growth of Black, POC and Allied businesses. We’re passionate about sharing the transformational power of SEO with ambitious and conscious organisations. Through our digital services, we’re committed to using our expertise to increase online visibility of our network.

Butterfly Magazine started in April 2020, during the lockdown, as part of a PhD project for founder Beverley Cooper-Chambers who is researching British Television and the British Caribbean family.

It is a weekly magazine that carries news of Black TV and Film releases, The Disruptor features Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, The Library contains Black History, with other sections on Church, travel to Africa and the Caribbean, Laughter, Inspiration and Black Health issues.

It is a digital weekly publication reaching 50 countries. Our mission to continually introduce the groundbreaking work of Black Creatives to a global audience.

Connecting The Diaspora to the African continent and the Caribbean.

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Our Team


Beverley Cooper- Chambers – Managing Director / Editor


Karen Ferrari – Editorial Consultant

Natassia Hedge -Financial Strategic Advisor

Tasina J. Lewis – Editorial Research

Michael Brown – Social Media Consultant

Rusdi Saleh – Design Editor

Sharrae Newell-Barnett – Volunteer


Kwame Asuahene – Social Media Manager

Star Joy – Advertising Sales Executive

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