Zephaniah A. Forest – Attorney-at-Law

A UK-based Jamaican Lawyer

providing Legal Services in Jamaica.

Will writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Probate and Estate administration.

We pride ourselves on giving the best possible advice, often during difficult and challenging periods, by taking the time to understand your personal circumstances and concerns.

Our caring and supportive advisers will help you to fully understand the services we provide, whether its drafting your Will and LPA, applying for Probate or administering your estate.

Tosier Chocolate Ltd

chocolate made better

Launching at the Aldeburgh Food Festival in 2017, Tosier Chocolate Ltd a multi award-winning chocolate making business, conceived with the vision to create great tasting chocolate outside established ‘big cocoa’ structures by buying directly through the transparent trade model from farmers to drive maximum value to producer groups at origin.

Unlike chocolatiers, we make chocolate from scratch controlling every process, one of only fifteen full time chocolate makers in the UK.

Specifically we manufacture a range of single origin bars, as well as couverture for home bakers and chefs.

All our chocolate is vegan and gluten & additive free. We have an international customer base with our strongest export market being the US. Our customers are often reached through chocolate subscription clubs, and we sell globally via our website. Within the UK we sell directly to hotels, restaurants, delis and online as well as participating at regional and national trade shows and farmers markets.

Buy direct from us online with same day shipping through our website.

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