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Rewire, Bounce Back & Grow from Life Challenges

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Welcome Fellow Human,

I am Milca, your Fulfilment Mastery Coach through Life Transitions & Loss.

I am a Black Woman, I see You and I am here to support you in shaping the Life you desire. I made it my mission to get you out of your Limbo, so take my virtual hand, and together,

let’s get you going!

“I help lost, unfulfilled, confused or grieving people gain Clarity, Rewire their Mindset & Bounce back from challenging life experiences.” 

My approach is centred around

Fulfilment & Growth

and facilitates

Healing, Empowerment & Success

. With the help of tools such as cognitive behavioural methodology,  scientific principles, and existential positive psychology, we can implement a tangible positive change in your life.

My story is one of Healing, Resilience & Growth. My coaching journey wasn’t a direct path but evolved from a clear goal:

Instil a sense of Rebirth in others


Having navigated a profound period of

loss, life challenges

and strong

social and professional adversity

, my odyssey led me to relocate from Paris to London in my mid-twenties, over a decade ago. That was my turning point towards

true healing and self-discovery

, which enabled me

to realise my purpose and true aspirations. I decided to fully dedicate myself to

accelerating the learning curve for others.

Seeing my Coachees flourish, finding answers, and making a priority of their happiness & well-being; seeing that shift of mindset, energy and the positive impact it has on every area of their life…this is


to me!

You are a Survivor; now is the time to actually Live!

Through my coaching, I exhort others to give themselves

a second chance

in life:

“Rewire, Bounce back and Grow.”

This is why I do what I do.

This is why I chose to train, learn, grow and focus on people – One person at a time- and lead them

towards taking complete ownership of their lives


Book your Chemistry Call & see if working with Me is what You need!


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