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Teaching music is my passion, I try to instil a love of music to my students. I specialise in teaching students with active minds who need to be engaged in different learning activities throughout their lesson. 

I encourage my students to enjoy their lessons through; listening games, quizzes, flash cards singing and playing duets.
I learnt a range of methods to teach piano and in my experience every student comes with a unique set of challenges and individuality. I try to use an approach that suits the students needs, likes and learning style.
My lesson include traditional teaching methods of technique, tonality and coordination combined with learning activities that are designed to support the learning of sight reading, music theory and aural. 

I have experience taking students from initial – grade 8 with the associated board of the Royal school of music (ABRSM) or Trinity College. 

Currently offering Online or Face to Face

Online Keyboard Course
An affordable way to access keyboard lessons bringing outstanding and experienced piano and keyboard lessons to you. This course contains over 10 years of teaching experience with children and young people with new technology to offer this unique on-line class that brings learning keyboard to whole new audience in very affordable way. Try and it and see.
You can access the course here

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