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I am an experienced horticulturalist with a focus on diversity and inclusion and sustainability. After twenty-five years in the creative arts sector, working with a wide range of artists from all backgrounds and prominent directors, due to a fascination with plants and the environment, I chose to transition into horticulture and I have been operating a garden design and horticultural company for the past eleven years. 

I recently completed Masters in Horticulture which gave me an insight into many topics, it particularly raised my awareness of the commodification and lack of sustainability in many horticultural practices, not only adversely affecting western citizens but creating food insecurity and hazardous waste in low-income nations. 

Since graduating I have been doing some work for charitable organisations focussing on the sustainability of rural habitats and equity for the Black and People of Colour community within horticulture and land access. 

I am undertaking an MSc in Global Environment and Sustainability that will hopefully provide me with a more advanced understanding of these topics which will complement the tools I already have, with a goal of progressing further into education and consulting, making a difference in policy, best practice, and innovation, to make sure the planet and people are protected, and no one is left behind.

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