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Huda Organics was born out of love of natural beauty and passion to share Somali beauty secret with the world. Since the age of 9, founder Huda Ahmed has been obsessed with mixing up DIY remedies for hair and skin, using ingredients that were most accessible to her. One constant ingredient was Qasil Powder. For centuries, Qasil has been a beauty secret amongst Somali women, she started this business to spread awareness of the endless benefits of Qasil Powder and the many other Somali beauty secrets. Our mission is to provide high-quality beauty products and to harness the way our ancestors used the earth’s natural resources to create high performing beauty products. We believe Mother Earth supplies us with everything we need to make effective beauty products. 

  • SOMALI WOMEN’S BEAUTY SECRET: Derived from Gob tree, qasil powder is well known among nomadic communities in Somalia as well as in some of the East African countries. It is regarded as a Somali women’s beauty secret due to some obvious reasons! So, if you are among those women who want to achieve beautiful and glowing skin- qasil powder is the best choice to make.
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL: Are you causing harm to your facial skin with chemically loaded and costly products? Well, switch to organic qasil powder, it’s 100% natural and pure, no chemicals, and loaded with some of the finest ingredients. Qasil powder is one of the finest natural ngredients for your skin. And, your skin is sure to thank you for it!
  • EFFECTIVE RESULTS: Whether you are using qasil powder as a face mask or using it as a cleanser, the powder starts to deliver results from the very first use. Moreover, once you incorporate this powder into your skincare routine, you are sure to feel delighted with the results.
  • BEST FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: One of the biggest benefits of using natural qasil powder is that it works for all skin types, from dry and dull to oily, rough, or sensitive. You can feel free to use qasil powder with total confidence, and enjoy the amazing benefits this natural powder has to offer.
  • NATURAL HAIR CARE: In addition to strengthening your hair from the root, this amazing powder adds shine and volume, hydrates your hair, and cleanses the scalp, qasil powder offers all-in-one care for your hair and scalp. You can feel free to create qasil powder shampoo or hair mask, there are some amazing recipes to do that.

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