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First of all a little about myself and the service I offer.

I love Dogs, Nature & Photography, I have been fortunate enough to be the owner of three beautiful dogs, Two border collies and my current rescue dog “Storm” a lurcher.

I am fascinated by the psychology of dogs (how your dog sees the world about them). I believe knowing how a dogs mind works is the key to a happy partnership/relationship & successful training.

Enrolment into our K9 Excercise Programs involves an initial “meet & greet” 2hour dog walk, where I assess if your dog is a suitable match for our service.

Once your dog is enrolled, you will receive the K9 Exclusive Walks online contract, where the terms of service must be agreed, thus offering legal protection to both parties involved.

At K9 Exclusive Walks I do not believe in putting my client’s dogs in the back of a van in a cage, I transport them in an SUV where they can look out the window and get plenty of fresh air.

I collect and deliver within a five-mile radius of Wembley.

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