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LUVYAH Cosmetics: A Revolutionary Beauty Brand for Social Media Baddies and Self-Care Enthusiasts

London based, LUVYAH Cosmetics, “The Home of Cosmetics & Aesthetics”, is a groundbreaking indie brand that redefines beauty, aesthetics and skincare, and is taking on the beauty industry by storm with its unique approach. Founded in 2021 by Monique Honeyghan, LUVYAH Cosmetics is tailored to cater to the needs of social media baddies and self-care enthusiasts alike.

Available online at Sephora and Superdrug, LUVYAH Cosmetics boasts an extensive array of bath, body, hair, and make-up tools and accessories. The collection encompasses an enticing range of products, from indulgent bath bombs to rejuvenating vegan clay face masks, invigorating body scrubs and its new bubble headband. LUVYAH Cosmetics celebrates self-care, aligning seamlessly with the aspirations of the modern-day self-care enthusiasts.

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