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One-Stop-Shop for all your childcare Essentials

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Who are we?

KLA Essentials is the One-Stop-Shop for all your childcare Essentials. Striving to provide only premium quality to each and everyone of our customers. Sourcing only the best quality materials guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Why did you start KLA Essentials Limited?

Well, i started KLA Essentials because I am interested in the growth and development of children. I understand children are learning and exploring the world everyday, gaining a greater sense of self. This evolution in personality contributes their likes and dislikes, fears and phobias as well as the fun-filled memories with friends and family. I, myself had a rich and nurturing childhood, developing and honing in on the very skills, I learnt growing up. So, if i could provide the same experience to one other family, i would have fulfilled my commitment starting this business.

What are you selling?

We are a proud black owned business based within the London, United Kingdom. Operating only to the United Kingdom at the moment but looking to expand into other countries soon.

Our products range includes your everyday Essentials such as: our Stylish Baby Buggies, our classy and eloquent Baby High Chair, Bed Cots or our Baby Balance Bikes etc. Check out our website for more products.

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What is your shipping policy?

Free UK Deliveries for all our products.

How this qualifies as a 'Black-Owned Business'

Black Director / CEO

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