The Nubian Princesses

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Hi, my name is Kiraa, meaning the way, the passage or the voice in different languages in West Africa where I am from. My symbol is the Falcon, born in the zodiac house of Aries.

Includes: (1) 29cm tall (11.5 inch) doll, (1) Africa print dress, (1) head wrap band, (1) pair of blue shoes, (1) pair of blue earrings Original Packaging

The hair is versatile afro-hair style “that can be treated, braided and plaited”.

Every parent loves to see his or her children happy. So do we!

One afternoon my friend and I, accompanied with his 4 year old daughter visited a work colleague who had just given birth to a new born mixed heritage baby.

The 4 year old, who is black commented after seeing the baby that the baby was beautiful and that she wished she had the same light skin colour and hair texture.

Whist reassuring her of her own beauty, inside I was heartbroken by her comments. That night I could not sleep, I was so disturbed by what I heard the little girl had said.

There was no sense in self confidence in own identity of which I and other black adults have felt when we was young. I felt something needed to be done about the girl of today and the woman of tomorrow.

 A role model was needed. The next day as I was thinking what we could do to change this I came up with the idea of creating doll that reflect the different beauty, something that represented black girls, something they could be proud of.

From that moment on I was compelled to do something about it and also grow the opportunity to demonstrate my love and respect to all the little girls I have met and who continue to inspire me to do this.

I describe it as my love, a love you letter to all the black girls in the world you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

And so the Nubian Princesses were born 

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