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Brokenness to Success

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Hey there! How’s the world treating you today?

I’m Geraldine, a therapist, psychologist, life coach and nutritionist. I’m on a mission to help fabulous women like you break free from emotional distress.

From abandonment to anxiety and other challenges, I’m here to help you with all. Consider me your emotional support, ready to guide you from struggles to success.

I firmly believe that you’re a sparkling diamond just waiting to shine. Unleash your inner boss and get ready to overcome your challenges to fulfil your purpose.

They call me the “root problem solver” because I love digging deep to unearth the causes of your struggles. Together, we’ll remove despair and nurture your healing process, while redefining the very essence of your life.

I’m a firm believer in your potential. Let’s team up to rediscover your dreams, and brace yourself for the ultimate breakthrough experience! 

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